Project Design

Once the Hazard assessment is complete and there is a full understanding of the access area, a fall arrest design can be determined. The fall arrest system can vary depending on the circumstances at the location requiring fall protection.

Every design that we offer will be stamped by a certified design engineer registered to practice in the Province of Saskatchewan ensuring that the layout will meet the requirements as provided by all regulatory standards including occupational health and safety.

We have a sample design format for your review. This sample design has elements allowing the end user a practicable solution to safety on the roof.

  • Individual red square locations indicating a Davit arm system for swing stage
  • Individual red round locations indicating single anchor points
  • Red line connecting red round locations indicating horizontal life line system
  • Sample Anchor Layout

Upon completion of design drawing KAP CITY Construction Ltd will make contact and review the design to ensure that we have met all of your fall protection requirements. A demonstration of the fall protection system will confirm all the roof or elevated areas have been accounted for.

The fall arrest system structure will be attached to the next component of a viable fall protection system. Project Engineering will provide the structural components to ensure we have adequate support for each anchor location.

Davit Arm