Engineered layout - The layout of a fall protection system which will include but not limited to the following:

  • Anchor layout
  • Horizontal life line layout
  • Handrail layout

Structural engineer requirements - Ensuring the point an anchor is attached to the structure of a building will with stand the 5000 lbs pull in any direction

Single Anchor Point - Suitable for all flat roofs as fall arrest anchors for securing workers' lifelines or the tying back of suspended access equipment such as outrigger beams and parapet wall clamps. Also suitable for suspension of boatswain chair. Ideal for re-roofing.

Horizontal life line - complete pre-engineered multi-span flexible lifeline system consisting of end anchors, intermediate anchors, stainless steel cable, mobile attachment devices

Fall Protection plan - An action plan that can be provided to personnel that can be used at a specific site allowing them to work safely at various heights.

Rescue plan - An action plan that can be provided to personnel that will effectively save personnel that may have had an incident

Incident - An occurrence that has happened to personnel and may have put them at harm

Fall protection system - Preventing personnel from falling from an elevated surface.

Fall Arrest system - is a system that will ensure that personnel will stop during a fall

Travel restraint - This allows personnel to approach the perimeter of a structure and stop them from going over the edge. This system will not allow personnel to peer over the perimeter of a structure.