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Strongest fall arrest anchors available; anchors are designed to resist without fracture pull-out force of 5400 lbs (24.03 kN), applied in the most adverse direction. Test reports available upon request.

Provides best roof penetration protection; roof anchors are supplied with CSA Approved flashings as tested to CSA B272-93. Flashings utilize Thaler patented EPDM seals which eliminate flashing maintenance. Note: Thaler have been manufacturing flashings, anchors, roof supports and roof drains for the roofing industry in North America for over 30 years.

Condensation free; Anchor post is filled with injection molded urethane insulation which adheres to inner walls without air pockets (CGSB 51-GP 46MP); provides corrosion protection while adding to product durability.

Versatile Design; roof anchors are available with more eye options, flashing options, fastening options and different levels of structural performance than any other anchor product available on the market today.

Non-Standard Anchors; Thaler provide elongated and 'beefed-up' anchors to accommodate sloped insulation or lightweight concrete fill and/or custom applications.

$ 7,000,000.00 liability insurance; anchor integrity is backed by $ 3,000,000.00 Commercial General Liability and $ 4,000,000.00 Umbrella Liability.

Meets all applicable standards; conforms to all Canadian and United States standards, provincial and state labour/safety codes and materials standards relating to anchor fabrication, window cleaning and other suspended maintenance operations (including flashing standards).

Samples immediately upon request; supplied without charge to qualified prospects with the provision that they be returned upon completion of evaluation. Construction professionals and building owners are urged to examine samples before making a specifying/purchasing decision; Thaler quality always wins the day.

20 year warranty; guaranteed against leaks, condensation and defects in materials and/or manufacture when installed in accordance with Thaler Installation Instructions.

Maintenance-Free (annual inspection excepted); roof anchors are equipped with Thaler pre-formed metal flashings that never need caulking (CSA B272-93). EPDM seals with memory provide constant pressure to outside of anchor posts to prevent leaks and condensation build-up; see Thaler EPDM Flashing Seals literature and STACK JACK Flashings literature.

Incorporates air barrier principles; roof anchors employing through deck installation, such as steel deck over OWSJ, are protected against air leakage by the EPDM flashing seals; see Thaler EPDM Flashing Seals literature.

Aesthetically pleasing; arguably the best looking roof anchor products available on the market today. Clean assembly without messy caulking or flashing seals.

Complete material disclosure; all material thicknesses, dimensions, grades, finishes and other relevant product information is indicated on data sheets and in specifications.

100% Re-useable flashing; can be completely dismantled and re-used when re-roofing.

Competent sales and design approach; in the fall protection business Thaler proudly provides optimum, economical fall protection systems.

Written Installation Instructions; provided with every Thaler product.